Bay Ridge – The Rich Man’s Summer Retreat

June 30, 2010 · Filed Under Travel 

Brooklyn, New York contains quite a few world-famous neighborhoods that became iconic stand-ins for the borough like a result of television and movies. Two such “nabes” are Dyker Heights and Bay Ridge. Dyker Heights is most renowned nowadays for its annual display of Christmas lights and decorations, erected by residents on their own initiative.

A community tradition that spontaneously began sometime within the 1980s, the practice continues without having any type of organization whatsoever to this day. Stories in the press and other media came to generate even far more participants, and now, more than three decades later, Christmas displays is what Dyker Heights is best recognized for around the globe.

It was originally conceived like a premier suburb for New York’s middle and upper middle-classes, and still remains one from the city’s toniest enclaves, with bucolic streets and well-kept properties. No longer predominantly Italian-American, it has also turn out to be house to numerous Asians, specifically the Chinese. Similar demographic trends have reshaped Bay Ridge, which, in addition to Chinese people, can count a sizeable Middle Eastern presence, with a tiny but active Muslim religious community.

Also usually quiet, though not as bucolic with less trees, Bay Ridge can occasionally consist of the nearby community of Fort Hamilton, which may be the location of the few cultural attractions you will discover in an otherwise residential bedroom community. The area abounds in parks, even so, and is really a short distance away from those in adjacent neighborhoods like Bath Beach and Bensonhurst. Indeed, the views more than the Verrazano Narrows are majestic, and Bay Ridge had also once served being a rich man’s summer retreat.

For an idea of Old Brooklyn, as lived by generations of ordinary men and women, a visit to Bay Ridge is in order. There is really a charm about the place which is challenging to describe and effortless to get sentimental above, but it’s a feeling that defines what it means to be from Brooklyn.


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