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July 1, 2010 · Filed Under Motels 

Where to stay in the first-class capital of New South Wales is a perennial thorn in the side of visitors Down Under. Sydney after all, has a reputation as not only the most expensive city in Australia but one of the most expensive in the world. This long-held narrative about the superb metropolis however, is not altogether applicable for tourists.

This, needless to say, is very good news for potential visitors. As a result, one can dismiss the usual tales and scare tactics about Sydney’s potential high costs, and simply enjoy. Sure, swish boutique hotels, restaurants and clubs can stretch budgets thin but in this regard, Sydney is no different from any other big city, from Tokyo to Moscow, London to Toronto.

It always helps to be resourceful and thankfully, a little research will yield phenomenal results in Sydney. The trick is to look beyond the Central Business District and heart of the City and into the metro area’s inner-city suburbs and frankly, outer-city suburbs. With a terrific and extensive public transport network, all the big-name attractions are easily accessible, from Sydney Opera House to Taronga Zoo, Sydney Fish Market to Sydney Aquarium.

The (relatively) quiet coastal suburbs that line the Northern Beaches, for one, contain myriad accommodations for every budget. Close to a quarter million people live here after all and from Palm Beach to Manly, the area is full of charm, gorgeous scenery and perhaps best of all, painless transport alternatives into Sydney.

For Sydney motels a little closer to the Harbour Bridge, look to attractive inner-city enclaves like Kings Cross, Glebe and Haymarket. These superlative areas offer exquisite nightlife, restaurants, parks, markets and real neighbourhood charm. Light rail, train and bus access into the heart of Sydney of course, is a simple affair.

Another Sydney region budget-conscious tourists may want to explore is the Eastern Suburbs. Bondi Beach will certainly be familiar to most but other (somewhat more affordable) ocean-side areas like Bronte, Coogee and Marouba could proffer the ideal kind of hotel, motel or hostel.

So while Woolloomooloo, Pyrmont and the CBD could well deliver the Sydney hotel of your dreams, it never hurts to look beyond the obvious and strike a good balance between budget and common sense concerns. With that in mind, Sydney can be a brilliant destination for everyone.


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