Escape To Lanzarote in 2011

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The Canarian island of Lanzarote is located in the Atlantic just next to Africa and has been an oasis of warmth for the many people wanting to escape the unprecedented spell of cold that swept through Northern Europe in recent months.  As here the daytime temperatures at the beginning of the year are well above those of northern Europe, and 23-25 degrees is not uncommon.

This wonderful weather is definitely one of the major draws for visitors, along with a varied selection of holiday rental properties.  With loads of Lanzarote villas and apartments available for tourists to book.  The outstanding landscapes and all year round weather also make the island an ideal location for purchasing a holiday home. Attracting a variety of investors trying to find solid returns or alternatively a sunshine holiday home.

Whether you need a holiday break or a reasonably safe and secure sanctuary for your savings the island has a wonderful assortment of resorts, such as Playa Blanca and Puerto del Carmen.  As well as a wide variety of holiday hotels and loads of points of interest.  Given the sheer diversity of what is on offer hiring a car or a mini bus if you are in a group is definitely the easiest way to get round the island.  But if this is not for you then there are loads of guided tours covering the key attractions such as the Timanfaya National Park and the many creations of Cesar Monique.  Visitors can book these at the reception desks of their Lanzarote hotels or direct online.

Anyone seeking a more active break will also love Lanzarote, as the weather makes it possible to pursue an outdoor lifestyle whatever the time of the year.  And there´s scope for indulging in a wide variety of sports from cycling through to surfing.  As a result lots of athletes choose to over winter here, enabling them to train through the toughest months of the year.

One of the greatest things about Lanzarote is the clarity of light during the winter months. Which is in part due to the lack of industrialisation on the island and also its location. As well as day photography, night photography is also un-miss able as the Canary Islands are regarded world wide as one of the top locations for astronomy, so you can image the sort of shots you could come away with.

Making your way to the island of Lanzarote today is comparatively easy, and the flight duration is just four hours or so.  Prices have fallen a lot over the last year and flights to Lanzarote now start from about €100. This is probably down to the overwhelming competition between the main players servicing this area.

Lanzarote´s Hottest Hotels

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There are over 200 hotels in Lanzarote for holidaymakers to select from.  With six 5 star establishments amidst their ranks, all offering high levels of luxury and service.

The Arrecife Gran Hotel stands head and shoulders above the rest – quite literally.  As it is housed in the only high rise building on the island.  Which was originally constructed in contravention of local planning laws during the 1980´s. And which then lay idle for years as the local government wrestled with what to do with the edifice.

For a while it became a real eye sore as the structure was burned out by arsonists and then surrounded with ugly corrugated iron sheeting.  A real shame given its great location right next to the beach at Playa El Reducto which lies in the heart of Lanzarote´s capital city.  But pragmatism finally won through and a few years ago the island government decided that it would be better to utilise the building than demolish it.  Granting permission for the creation of the Arrecife Gran, which gives guests great views across the island from its seventeen floors.

Despite this heritage though the best known hotel on the island is still the Gran Melia Salinas, which is located in the resort of Costa Teguise – a ten minute drive from Arrecife – and which was developed with the help of the famous local artist César Manrique.  His objective was to create an upmarket resort using the Gran Melia as the anchor for the development.  And the resulting creation contained a number of trademark flourishes which haven been copied by many other hotels since.  Such as the lush internal garden which occupies the hotel’s central atrium.

Today some visitors have suggested that the Gran Melia´s glory has faded somewhat.  But there is still plenty to recommend it and the recently opened Salinas Villas extensions also gives guests access to some of the best holiday villas in Lanzarote.

Playa Blanca in the south of the island is home to a huge range of four star hotels – as well as the Gran Melia Volcan.  Which has been modelled after Lanzarote´s most famous tourist attraction, the volcanoes of the Timanfaya National Park.    The hotel is located right next to the luxury Rubicon Marina and offers high standards of accommodation.  With five main blocks, each of which is named after one of Lanzarote´s best known villages.  Making this one of the best hotels in Playa Blanca by some distance.

Best Beaches and Resorts in Lanzarote

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Tired of the Spanish mainland for your holidays abroad?  Then fly off to the Canaries instead, as these seven islands combine all of the familiarity of Spain with added dashes of African and Latin influences.  A legacy of its role centuries ago as a trading post between the New World and the Old.

Lanzarote has been owned by Spain since the 1400’s, but is an autonomous region boasting its own cultural identity, customs and dialect.  And if you thought some Spanish resorts were laid back Lanzarote is virtually horizontal.  Thanks to the fact that the weather is great here all year round too.

The island is one of the seven Canaries and can be found off the coast of Africa, quite close to the Tropic of Cancer.  A long way south of Spain and the European mainland.  As a result the island was of great use to Spain during the years of empire and conquest as galleons could dock and refuel here.

Today Lanzarote is all about tourism and the vast majority of visitors arrive by air rather than by sea.  From countries such as the UK and Germany which are just a four hour flight away.  Many book their own travel but holidays in Lanzarote are still prominent in the brochures of many tour operators and travel companies despite the advent of the internet.

Which is the best resort on Lanzarote?  There are three in total, four if you also include the stylish marina of Puerto Calero, which is home to some of the best Lanzarote villas and apartments.  But the bulk of the accommodation can be found in Costa Teguise, Playa Blanca and Puerto del Carmen.  Which are all more like conventional resorts with plenty of shops, bars and restaurants for visitors to enjoy.

Puerto del Carmen is ideal for anyone planning a lively holiday as it has great nightlife alongside excellent beaches.  The resort also boasts the biggest selection of apartments in Lanzarote and there are loads of complexes here.  Most of them located just a short walk from the main beach of Playa Grande which as the name suggest really dominates the resort.

Playa Blanca is the second most popular destination – and little wonder – as it is home to lots of very good beaches such as Playa Flamingo and Playa Dorada as well as the superb stretches of sand at Papagayo.

Villa Sunshine in Playa Blanca

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 Visitors to Playa Blanca are often surprised that this resort has only really come into being in the last ten years. As it would seem to be the logical choice for a holiday destination on Lanzarote for several reasons.

 Not least amongst these is the fact that it enjoys better weather than anywhere else on the island. The average temperature is usually at least one or two degrees higher here, whilst the town’s position means that the prevailing winds from the north east are somewhat tempered.

 Its position facing the neighbouring island of Fuerteventura is another obvious advantage. Not least because just outside the town of Corralejo, where the Playa Blanca ferry docks, are the famous Fuerteventura sand dunes. Twelve kilometres of white sand beckon holidaymakers from Lanzarote to make the short journey over the Bocaina Strait for an afternoon at Las Dunas.

 But for those who think this is more effort than they can muster, there are some equally beautiful beaches to enjoy just outside Playa Blanca. The Playas de Papagayo are formed of six pristine coves and bays that are ideal for sunbathing and snorkelling.

 For visitors staying close to the Marina Rubicon, it is a very short drive to reach these beaches. A quick trip to a Lanzarote car hire  concession and then you can pack up a picnic to visit this lovely part of the coastline. The beaches are actually part of a protected reserve, which is much of the reason why they are still undeveloped.

 Having a car is also a good idea for holidaymakers who opt to stay in one of the many Playa Blanca holiday villas. Not only does this alleviate having to get a taxi to and from the airport, but it also opens up the whole island to be explored. And there are many places worthy of a visit during a holiday on Lanzarote.

 The island is exceptionally unspoilt, with very little visual clutter to get in the way of its unusual landscapes. It regularly captivates visitors and as a result, many holidaymakers find themselves seriously considering looking at Lanzarote property  in the course of their sojourn.

 One of the most popular places to look for that villa in the sun is Playa Blanca. Which is hardly surprising for any of the thousands of people who have visited the resort and had a week of soaring temperatures and unbroken sunshine.

Hot Summer Holidays In Lanzarote

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There are plenty of options for anyone planning their summer holidays in Lanzarote this year.  As the island offers a wide range of accommodation encompassing everything from good value studio apartments through to upmarket luxury hotels.  All at prices that are much more reasonable than in many other Spanish sunspots.

Lanzarote is located in the Canaries which are popular as both a summer and winter sun destination.  Thanks to the fact that they are located off the Atlantic coast of Africa close to the Tropic of Cancer.  Basking in warm sunshine all year round as a result.

Package holidays to Lanzarote first went on sale during the 1970´s and proved instantly popular.  As holidaymakers vied to visit this new, exotic location.  Today that novelty value has obviously worn off a little – but Lanzarote still remains a fascinating destination nonetheless.

It’s very different to the other islands in the chain – such as Tenerife and Gran Canaria.  As there is little in the way of trees or vegetation here.  Which is due to the fact that Lanzarote experiences very little in the way rainfall – averaging out at around 8mm a month, with no mountains measuring much more than 600 metres.  As a result the climate here is dry and arid – much like the desert climate of the nearby Sahara.  With temperatures falling quite rapidly come nightfall.

Plenty of the UK´s largest travel companies and tour operators are offering summer breaks in Lanzarote in their brochures.  With summer deals starting from around £300 per person.  Which buys both flights to Lanzarote and a stay in one of the islands many hotels or apartment complexes.

Hotels in Puerto del Carmen are particularly popular as this it the island’s largest and oldest resort.  Which has evolved from a small fishing village called La Tiñosa into a large and modern holiday destination.  Tourist authorities have just spent over €16 million on improvements to the resort so there’s never been a better time to visit.

Playa Blanca in the south of the island is also very popular with British holidaymakers.  As there’s a wide range of hotels here – as well as a great selection of self catering accommodation.

Generally speaking villas in Playa Blanca are much better value than comparable properties in rival resorts too.  With a weeks rental in a two bedroom villa with pool starting at about £400 per week.

Villa Breaks in Playa Blanca

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Whilst no holiday destination in the world can guarantee sunshine every day of the year, the climate in the south of Lanzarote can usually be relied upon most of the time. Which goes a long way to explain why Playa Blanca has grown in popularity over the last ten years and is now the second most visited tourist resort on the island.

It also benefits hugely from the location of the Papagayo beaches which are just at its eastern most edge. These six golden sandy coves are generally acknowledged to be amongst the best to be found in the whole of the Canary Islands. They are directly facing the neighbouring island of Fuerteventura and the islet of Los Lobos and have translucent waters lapping at their edges.

Many holidaymakers arrive at Papagayo by boat, as a number of excursions run between the resorts and the beaches. Which is just as well, as the route to Papagayo by land is via a dirt track or coastal footpath. Protected as a natural reserve, the area has managed to escape development so far.

The town has spread itself along the southern coastline in the last ten years. So that now there is a greater number of holiday villas in Playa Blanca than in either of the other main resorts. Not to mention the concentration of four and five star hotels that can also be found here.

In fact, the accommodation in Playa Blanca is newer and has more facilities than elsewhere on the island. Holiday villas here have heated swimming pools as standard, with extras such as Jacuzzi’s and air conditioning in many. Their recent construction means that most have stylish modern interiors, with kitchens fully equipped for self-catering.

And it is this style of holiday in Playa Blanca that has grown noticeably over the last few years. As the freedom that rented accommodation gives is often preferable for families with children, than the rather rigid dining options that prevail in many hotels.

Holiday villas also provide the most flexible base for people who like to get out and explore. And Playa Blanca has one or two attractions almost immediately on its doorstep. With the volcanic park at Timanfaya only a fifteen-minute drive away and the picturesque village of Yaiza slightly closer to hand. Cheap car hire on Lanzarote makes this a particularly good way of seeing the rest of the islan

Escape To Lanzarote In 2010

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As Northern Europe continues to shiver through one of the toughest winters in over 30 years the sun is still shining just four hours to the south in the Canary Islands.  Where holidaymakers are enjoying temperatures in the 20´s Celsius and sunshine aplenty.

The Canary Islands are the closest genuine winter sun destination to major markets such as the UK and Germany and attract millions of tourists every year. Boasting great beaches and high standards of accommodation as well as wonderful year round weather.

Lanzarote is the fourth largest of these seven Spanish owned islands and the most closely located to the coast of West Africa.  With tourism concentrated in the three main resorts of Costa Teguise, Playa Blanca and Puerto del Carmen.

The island was first claimed by the Spanish crown in the early 1400´s before becoming an important cog in the growing Spanish empire.  Providing a refuelling post for Spanish galleons as they traversed the Atlantic with silver and gold plundered from the Incas.

There’s a wide variety of accommoation options available for anyone planning their holidays in Lanzarote during the course of 2010.  There are over 200 hotels located around the island – including six 5 star establishments.  As well as an abundance of apartment complexes – especially in the oldest resort of Puerto del Carmen.

The growth of the internet has also led to an upsurge in demand for private rental accommodation.  As more and more tourists book their own apartments and villas in Lanzarote direct with the owners online.

As well as great weather and excellent accommodation Lanzarote offers loads for visitors to do and see.  The island is also very easy to explore – as it can be covered end to end in around an hour.  Whilst car hire in Lanzarote is also very reasonably priced – starting at just €15 per day for a basic rental vehicle.

Top of any visitor’s agenda is a tour of the Timanfaya National Park – Lanzarote´s volcanic region.  Which is home to a sea of solidified lava and hundreds of now dormant volcanoes.  Which were created by volcanic eruptions which took place during the 1730´s for six years and again in 1824.

Lanzarote is also a real beach lover’s paradise – boasting close to 100 fine stretches of sand.  Such as the huge bay at Famara on the island´s North West coast – which extends for around 8km and which is flanked by the majestic sight of the Famara massif range of cliffs.

Best Beaches in Lanzarote

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 Lanzarote in the Canaries is a real beach lover’s paradise.  Boasting over 90 picturesque playas – some of which are regarded as amongst the best in the whole of Spain.

 The Canary Islands are located off the coast of West Africa and enjoy great weather too.  Which makes it possible to enjoy these stunning stretches of sand all year round. 

 Like the rest of the islands Lanzarote is located four hours flying time from the UK – but is far less touched by tourism than say Tenerife or Gran Canaria.  Thanks to strict laws which govern construction and development.

 As a result the island is still home to a number of beautiful, all-natural beaches which have not yet been used as a backdrop for hotels and apartment complexes.  Some of these are regarded as amongst the most picturesque in Spain.

 There is much debate on the island as to which is the best beach – with two main contenders slugging it out for this title, Famara in the north and Papagayo in the south.  Anyone spending their holidays in Lanzarote can form their own opinion by getting out and exploring for themselves.  With car hire in Lanzarote starting from as little as €15 per day.


Famara is located on the wilder North West coast of Lanzarote and is a real suffers paradise.  As the wind and wave conditions combine here to great effect.  Attracting surf and kite surfing enthusiasts from across Europe.

The beach itself extends for around 8km and is flanked by the majestic Famara massif range of cliffs.  Which tower over one end of the beach. At the other end lies the adjacent village of Caleta de Famara.  It’s sandy streets home to a selection of surf shops, restaurants and holiday apartments.

 The only slight negative is the fact that this beach can only be used for swimming and sunbathing from around March through until October.  As thereafter it becomes too windy and cool.


The same cannot be said for Papagayo though – as these five separate but inter linked beaches are all located right at the southern end of the island.  Which means that they can be enjoyed all year round.

 Papagayo is perfect for beach lovers as it’s possible to explore all of the different stretches of sand here easily.  And can be reached on foot from the centre of Playa Blanca – the nearest resort – in around twenty minutes.

Escape to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands

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One of Europe’s favourite holiday islands called Lanzarote is located in the Atlantic Ocean not far from the African coastline. And this group of islands were once considered by historians to actually be the long lost city of Atlantis.  Today however Lanzarote and the Canaries enjoy the crown of the second most visited region in Spain even though it is not on the European mainland .

The separate islands that make up the Canarian archipelago though  are considered to be like chalk and cheese, however as each island enjoys its own quite unique character and cultural development.  A typical example of this is the governance of the islands with the eastern islands of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura being governed from Las Palmas on Gran Canaria.  Whilst the islands of El Hierro, La Gomera and La Palma are administered from Tenerife.

Lanzarote hasn’t only been a recent tourist destination though as the islands has been attracting British and foreign visitors since the 1900’s .  But modern tourism only started to take off during the 1970´s.  As General Franco began to loosen his stranglehold on Spain As the area was in desperate need of a boost to its economy after years of restriction.

It’s amazing how the calming effect of time can change fortunes and today the island welcomes visitors that number into the millions as they arrive from all over Europe and other parts of the world, and bizarrely even tourist from the Spanish mainland.  Most of which are very happy to get away from the very hot mainland temperatures in favour of the much more appealing Canarian climate.

The growth of internet usage has changed the tourist market worldwide.  And Lanzarote is no exception to this trend.  As more and more people eschew traditional travel agencies to build and book their own breaks direct online.  This has led to an upsurge in demand for holiday accommodation and villas in Lanzarote. With self catering apartments and villas in the main resorts representing a high percentage of the total number of tourist beds now available on the island.

The most luxurious rental villas in Puerto del Carmen can be located in areas such as Risco Prieto.  Which sits right at the top of the Old Town, overlooking the picturesque harbour area which is currently being transformed into a beautiful marina which will have all the trapping of luxury for its visitors.

Whilst vistors preferring to look for villas in Playa Blanca should focus on the Montana Roja and Rubicon Marina areas.  As this area has a particularly wide range of quality rental accommodation at reasonable prices.

Not all holidays are cantered around the coastal resorts however, and as more tourist prefer to experience the true atmosphere of the island, rural holiday are increasing in popularity.  Visitors that take time out to tour the island are surprised to find how unspoiled it is .  This is one of the reasons that prompt many to come back year after year to experience the true Lanzarote in countryside fincas and apartments.

Out Of Resort Accommodation in Lanzarote

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The holiday island of Lanzarote has developed three main tourist resorts over the last forty years that provide a great range of accommodation to the vast majority of visitors. Puerto del Carmen is the original and largest seaside town, followed by Playa Blanca in the extreme south and Costa Teguise on the eastern coast.

But for those who wish to experience the island without staying in any of these hotspots, there is a good range of alternatives to be found. Such as the capital, Arrecife, which is often a popular destination for visiting Spaniards. Not only does Arrecife have a delightful golden sandy beach at the Playa del Reducto, but it is also home to one of the best five star hotels in Lanzarote.

The Gran Hotel towers over the capital, due to its status as the only high-rise building on the entire island. Originally constructed in the late 1980’s it was only fully finished and adapted as a luxury hotel in 2004. With a sleek glass covered exterior and modern style suites, it also has its own spa and elevated pool area, with views over the street and beach below. An a la carte restaurant, the Altamar, makes excellent use of the views on one of the top floors of the building.

Whilst there are numerous older and smaller establishments in Arrecife, it is the Gran Hotel that has really put the city on the map as a potential base for holidaymakers. Marking something of a renaissance for the capital, which has steadily been shedding its rather dilapidated appearance with a number of new facilities, such as recently planted parks and gardens.

Then there is the ‘fourth resort’ of Puerto Calero, which started out in 1989 as an exclusive marina for sailors planning to cross the Atlantic. But has gradually grown into a tourist destination in its own right, especially since the introduction of two large hotels, the Costa Calero and the Hesperia. Both of these hotels in Puerto Calero have a full range of spa facilities, open to both guests and visitors alike. Providing an ideal alternative for anyone seeking accommodation in Lanzarote outside of the three main resorts.

The Costa Calero has an impressive spread of tropical gardens surrounding its four swimming pools. The rooms are brightly decorated and all feature air conditioning, whilst the suites offer a touch of luxury. It is a popular choice with families and the spa is well attended by locals, especially at weekends. The Hesperia prides itself on offering a wider range of facilities than any other hotel on the island at present. Including a pet policy that allows guests to bring their four-legged friend with them on holiday. It is also the only establishment at present that has WiFi internet access throughout the whole building.

There´s never been a better time to visit the island as flights to Lanzarote are currently available from as little as £10 return with Ryanair.

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