All About Wakefield – West Yorkshire In England

June 14, 2010 · Filed Under Travel · Comment 

Wakefield,  West Yorkshire is a busy English city. It was a popular market town in the early middle ages, famous for its great meats and veggies. It then became well known for its inspiring natural beauty and wool. Now nearly seventy thousand people call it home and hundreds of tourists travel to visit it every year.

Wakefield was found to have been a thriving society even in early prehistoric era. Thousands and thousands of years ago, the vikings controlled this area. In late medieval times, the location became a well known and bustling trade village. Wakefield has endured a number of fights, wars, and illnesses to become the beloved city it is currently.

The city is also very well known for its landmarks and landscapes. It’s home to Wakefield Cathedral, the tallest church in the area as well as Yorkshire itself. The area also boasts several ancient and beautiful landmarks like medieval bridges and churches. Hundreds of tourists make treks each year to survey its many attractions.

The city’s Theatre Royal and Opera House will be a welcome sight for art lovers. The exquisite building has been operating since the 1800s and is still going strong. In its early years Wakefield was known for growing and harvesting rhubarb, every year the city still hosts a rhubarb festival. The region, in fact, hosts a number of small festivals each year. And encompassing the area, there are a number of one in a million parks and forests.

The area is also famous for its national English rugby league which is a part of Britain’s Super League. The city is also host to a hundred acre water sports center. It has every sport from surfing and kayaking to water volleyball and sailing. And though they do not play anymore, the city was once home to a decorated football team too.

Wakefield Prison is situated within the city limits. Constructed in the 1500s, it first was used as a corrective facility. In the mid 1800s, a well known nursery rhyme was first sung there by the prison’s women inmates. Currently the building is a maximum security prison and holds England’s most dangerous criminals.

Wakefield may not be England’s most famous city. It may not even be Yorkshire’s most famous city. But the area has a lot of heart. The city has a rich and wondrous cultural history. It is also chock full of decade old landmarks and buildings. Wakefield houses an impressive sports complex and a world famous prison as well. And like most small towns, its beauty is best appreciated in person.